Tom Brink
is a motion graphics and visual effects artist.
Paul Schissler
is a comedian and very cool dad.

Blintz was created when Tom Brink and Paul Schissler were faced with one question: “Who is the author of this podcast?” while setting up hosting for The Paul & Tom Show

Blintz Studios does not have a mission or vision or plan or goal (although, being the recipient of trucks filled with cash would be nice). It’s existence is to further promote our podcasts with that sweet sweet SEO.



Why “Blintz?”
They explain it on one of the early episodes of The Paul & Tom Show.

Is this a legit podcast network?
Sure, why not?

How can my show be added to the Blintz roster?
If your name is Paul Schissler or Tom Brink AND your SSN matches ***-**-**** or ***-**-**** you’re in! If not - dude idk. Email us or something? 

I want to give you cash!
Let’s talk!

I’m a representative of ZOA™ Energy and/or one of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s many brands and would love to talk.  
Yoooo hit us up right now we’ll quit our jobs dude for real.